Food Sector

Italian wines and Italian food are famous and appreciated all over the world.
If you are an importer and you would like to establish business relationships with reliable suppliers, we are in touch with producers from Parma and nearby provinces, the most important Italian food district. They are family owned old established firms and their items are produced by traditional methods. You can get original top quality specialty foods. For further details, please email me.

There is very good news for fast food and restaurant owners.
Top level cooking machines from Italy are available in Thailand. It is very easy to use them because it’s impossible to make “rookie mistakes”. You will make good money with them. Everybody can cook quickly and automatically very yummy pasta, pizza, french fries and appetizers. If you would like to schedule an appointment with the Thai importer, please email me.

Nowadays the franchise industry in Italy has become a very popular business model
( food is the fastest growing sector ) and offers excellent opportunities for Thai investors.
As regards food sector we mean coffee shops, ice-cream parlors (gelaterie), restaurants that offer popular dishes.
We are in touch with quality-focused franchisors in the food sector who are considering to compete in the Thai market. Their business formats, whose main features are innovation and flexibility, have already been successful in many countries. Open-minded master franchisees can make huge profits running their locations. If you would like to establish business relationships with these deeply skilled and dynamic Italian companies who are looking for partners and investors in Thailand, please email me.

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